Air Sampling in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia


Tri State performed extensive Mold Remediation services in the basement of this Rockville, MD location property. A pipe burst was left undetected for several days which resulted in damage to porous material.

The quality of the air inside your home or building can greatly influence your health and the safety of your indoor space. If you have asthma or allergies, you’re likely even more sensitive to poor indoor air quality and can often be faced with exacerbated symptoms. To protect yourself and your building, it’s important to schedule air sampling that can detect potential mold growth to keep you safe.

At Tri State Restorations, we offer air sampling in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia by a certified inspector trained in appropriate sampling methodology. Contact us today to schedule testing and prevent health hazards tomorrow—you can reach us day or night at 866-818-1949!

How Does Air Sampling Work?

Air samples are collected via a Micro – 5 bioaerosol sampler or Air-O-Cell cassette. This type of sampler imparts viable spores on Petri dishes. After a 5 – 10 minute sampling period, the impacted fungi Petri dishes are sealed and void of all ambient light. The impacted fungi Petri dishes are incubated at a temperature suitable for fungal growth.

The most accurate mold identification is possible within a short time of live culturing. After a short time of incubation, the fungi samples are removed and if possible via visual identification under a microscope, specifically identified down to the genus and species. Results are provided in colony forming units per cubic meter of air.

Can Air Testing determine the extent of indoor mold growth?

Should we find you have a mold problem from the air sampling process, we can begin mold removal immediately to ensure your health and safety. You can also read more information on our mold testing services.

When Should Air Testing Be Performed?

Air testing should be performed if:

  • You can visually see that the ventilation system may be contaminated. The purpose of such testing is to assess the extent of contamination throughout the building. Sampling should be conducted while the ventilation system(s) are operating.
  • There might be mold in a particular area of the structure (e.g. a microbial volatile is detected), but it cannot be identified through a visual inspection or bulk sampling. The purpose of such air monitoring is to determine the location and or extent of mold contamination.
  • Building occupants are suffering from health problems, which are or may be associated with fungal exposure. Air and mold testing should be performed for comparative purposes and at a location representative of outdoor air.

The outdoor control test is very helpful in evaluating whether there is an internally generated problem. This type of internal problem may exist if indoor mold tests report mold levels are either higher than the outdoor test, or present indoors but absent from the outdoor control air test. The samples are sealed, labeled and delivered to the laboratory within 24 hours.

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