Preventing Disaster

Winter Fire Prevention Tips

How to Prevent Fires this Winter Is your home fire-proofed for the winter? More fires occur between December and February than at any other time of the year. Fires in the winter can not only produce a costly fire cleanup, but can also give your home water damage if the fire occurs when it’s snowy(…)

Moisture Control Tips

Moisture Control Tips

Maryland weather brings with it high humidity levels and excess moisture that can lead to harmful mold growth if precautions aren’t taken. This makes proper moisture control imperative for homes and buildings in the area. And with winter approaching and the possibility of pipe freezing and ice damming becoming more likely, it’s especially important to(…)

Detecting Hidden Leaks in Your Home

When your basement floods and you’re standing in puddles of water, it’s pretty obvious you have a water damage problem on your hands. But water damage isn’t always so apparent. Hidden leaks can often be found in your walls, and the effects can be just as devastating.

Infrared Camera Inspections

Infrared Camera Inspections

Infrared Camera Inspections Infrared camera inspections can give homeowners unique insight into problems that may otherwise go unnoticed in routine inspections—like leaks in the plumbing or holes in insulation, among other things. Problems like this can leave you susceptible to extensive water damage in the future, especially if there’s any inclement weather. With constant temperature(…)

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