Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Procedures

Water Damage Mitigation Procedures

Tri State Restorations has the expertise to quickly and effectively address the most extensive water damage problems. Our trained and certified technicians use industry standards and guidelines to ensure that your business is back in operation as quickly and as safely as possible. We strive for a 90 minute response time.

Although every situation is unique, based on the type and extent of the water damage, we will take the following actions:

  • Upon arrival, we conduct a walk-through to assess the affected areas. Next, we take room measurements and moisture readings so that we can develop the best plan of action to start the remediation process. We use state-of-the art, non-intrusive equipment, such as penetrating and non-penetrating meters and digital hygrometers.
  • Using digital photography, we take “before” pictures for documentation purposes and to help you with insurance claims.
  • All salvageable equipment and furniture are carefully moved to a secure, climate-controlled facility if need be.
  • We identify the category of water – clear, gray, or brown. If your water is gray or brown, it may be contaminated with bacteria and may pose a health risk to your building’s occupants if not cleaned up properly.
  • We carefully remove and dispose of any building materials that cannot be salvaged, including wet drywall, baseboard, carpet, and flooring.
  • We apply Microban® germicide on all affected areas to prevent mold growth.
  • To ensure that every part of your building is thoroughly and completely dry, we utilize our high-powered axial fans, which produce airflow along both walls and floor, as well as our industrial-strength dehumidifiers which quickly reduce the amount of moisture in the air. All equipment is left for a minimum of 72 hours.
  • At the time of the equipment pick up, we conduct final moisture readings to ensure that affected area(s) are completely dry. We then take our “after” pictures for documentation purposes and to help you with insurance claims.

Whatever the extent of the water damage to your commercial building, you can trust Tri State Restorations to take care of it professionally and thoroughly.