Commercial Water Damage Repair in Maryland After Sprinklers Go Off

flooded basementCommercial property owners are careful to insure and protect their properties against incidental damage like fire, smoke, and flooding, but few are prepared for what happens when water damage comes from within the building – such as from a sprinkler system. The average commercial sprinkler system has a minimum flow rate of 300 gallons per minute, which is 150 square feet of water. This is excellent protection when there is a fire, but if sprinkler systems are set off on accident or in a case of smoke where there is no fire, the water damage repair that comes next can catch owners off guard. Fortunately for business owners in and around Montgomery County, Maryland, the Tri State Restorations team is trained and equipped to handle commercial water damage repair.

Smoke But No Fire: Time for Water Damage Repair

Tri State Restorations was called by a commercial property owner who needed water damage repair after the sprinkler system was set off by smoke in a kitchen area. In buildings where cooking or other activities that increase the risk of fire damage occur, sprinkler systems can exceed average flow rates by many times over. In this case, by the time the sprinklers were stopped, the business owners were looking at 5,000 square feet of property. True to our pledged response time, we arrived on the scene in Silver Springs, Maryland within 90 minutes of their call, ready for serious water damage cleanup.

Assessing the Situation and Finding a Solution for Water Damage Repair

Dehumidifier Damaged CarpetAfter an initial walk through and assessment, the Tri State Restorations team was able to give these business owners some good news: the water primarily damaged the basement level, and though the water flowed from the top down, there was not a lot of drywall damage because most of the walls on this level were cinder block. One issue on this water damage repair project was grease. Since the kitchen floor was very well coated with grease and soot from the smoke that set off the sprinkler system in the first place, the kitchen had to be re-flooded for cleaning.

We also needed to make sure that no lingering odors from the grease, smoke, soot, or water damage remained once our work was finished. As a control measure to prevent odors, as well as to prevent the possibility of mold damage, we temporarily set up a number of dehumidifiers and fans in this large space so that all areas were properly dried out. To make sure that our cleanup efforts proceeded smoothly, Tri State Restorations monitored our top of the line equipment to measure temperature and relative humidity throughout the project. The final step for this water damage repair call was to clean a commercial building sized carpet, a large job that we completed as soon as possible to mitigate the damage and ensure that the carpet did not need replacement.

carpet repairWe completed this entire water damage cleanup project quickly and thoroughly, returning these commercial business owners back to business in record time. Tri State Restorations is always proud to report another success in commercial or residential smoke, fire, mold, or water damage repair in Montgomery County, Maryland and the surrounding tri-state area. If you find yourself in need of a reliable, professional team for your emergency repair project, please call our 24 hour emergency service line at 1-866-818-1949.