If You Have Extensive Water Damage, Call a Cleanup Expert

If you are unfortunate enough to have major water damage to your home or business, every moment counts. When water is allowed to stand around, moisture can penetrate deeply into floors, walls, carpets and furniture. Mold can begin to grow in just 1 to 2 days, leading to possible health problems for you and your family.

It’s best to call a water damage cleanup expert, like Tri State Restorations, if the water intrusion is significant, and you don’t have the tools to take care of the water yourself.

 Here’s what a water cleanup expert will do:

  • Assess the situation and provide solid recommendations for your home’s repair and restoration
  • Help you minimize additional water damage to your home’s structure and contents
  • Clean up any standing water, remove damaged surfaces and dry out the entire area with dehumidifiers and drying fans
  • Advise you on how to best minimize any mold growth and mold damage

Here’s how Tri State helped the Greely family in Maryland.

When water rushed into their home during Hurricane Irene, they called on Tri State Restorations for help. During the hurricane’s widespread power outage, their sump pump shut off. Water seeped into the basement, flooding everything except for one bedroom. Water had soaked into the drywall, carpet, vinyl flooring and paneling, causing extensive damage.

The basement was packed full of personal items that needed to be cleared away before cleanup could begin. Two PODS and 140 boxes were delivered to the home. Two days later, the basement was empty, and the cleanup crew from Tri State Restorations arrived.

Because mold had already begun to grow, a containment barrier was placed at the interior entrance of the basement to prevent any cross contamination to the upper level of the home. Three HEPA air scrubbers were placed in the home to catch any mold spores. The Tri State Restorations inspector recommended that the HVAC system be professionally cleaned after the restoration work was complete so that any mold spores in the ducts could be eliminated.

The water cleanup crew removed all of the wet and damaged drywall, carpet, vinyl flooring and paneling. They applied an anti-microbial to all floor surfaces and exposed framing to prevent any further mold growth. Dehumidifiers and drying fans were run non-stop for 72 hours. By the time the Tri State Restorations crew left, the family once again had a safe, dry basement, ready to be remodeled and enjoyed.