Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Procedures


Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Procedures

Tri State Restorations professional fire and smoke damage repair services help businesses in the Tri State area (Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.) recover from a fire. Our uniformed and certified employees strive to arrive within ninety minutes of your call and are prepared to begin fire and smoke damage mitigation with our fully equipped company vehicles. We will introduce ourselves to you, walk through the building, explain the extent of damage and give recommendations of steps needed for thorough repair of fire and smoke damage. We document everything, taking before and after pictures so you can rest assured that everything possible was done, and we will answer any questions you have.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Procedures: Treating Fire Damage

The experienced, certified, highly trained professionals of TriState Restorations focus on safety, so the first steps we take when arriving at your place of business are to protect occupants and the building while preventing further damage.

  • We will board up any damaged, open areas of outer walls and windows to protect the inside of the building from the elements.
  • In some cases, we will ensure that plumbing is weather-proofed and test electrical outlets.
  • If necessary we will Thermo-fog the affected room(s) to remove odors. For your safety, all people, pets, and living plants must be removed for up to four hours.


The next steps after identifying the extent of damage are:

  • Remove and clean “damaged yet salvageable” items (see smoke damage below).
  • Use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuuming to safely vacuum particulates.
  • Remove damaged drywall, baseboard, carpet, and flooring.
  • Clean the structure. Everything affected is included: walls, floors, ceilings, appliances, etc.
  • With our nationwide partner, we will inspect and professionally clean air ducts.


Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Procedures: Treating Smoke Damage

The longer smoke and soot are allowed to sit on materials, the more damaged those materials can become. Tri State Restorations takes immediate, professional, efficient action with a courteous demeanor upon arriving at your home. In addition to the same fire mitigation procedures as described above, for smoke repair we also:

  • Remove damaged yet salvageable items carefully, wrapping and packing them to avoid further damage.
  • Take a thorough, documented inventory of items removed before moving them in secure vehicles to our climate controlled facility.
  • Our experienced team, working under careful supervision, unpacks the boxes individually for cleaning.
  • We use a state-of-the-art Ozone Machine to remove – not mask – odors and a combination of professional wet and dry cleaning technologies for fire and smoke damage mitigation.
  • For clothing and upholstery, we partner with the best companies in the business for professional “soft item” fire and smoke damage mitigation.
  • When items are thoroughly cleaned we return them to you carefully boxed and securely transported.

Tri State Restorations takes fire and smoke damage mitigation seriously. We know how devastating fire and smoke damage can be, and do our best to help return your building to normal. Please call us to speak with one of our experienced, highly trained, and friendly representatives at 866-818-1949.