Flood Cleanup for Buildings

Flood Cleanup for Buildings

Flood damage can significantly impact business operations in a commercial setting, damaging supplies, furniture, and even the structure of the building as a whole. If left untreated, your issues can only get worse, causing mold growth that poses health hazards to your employees and customers. So as soon as you notice water damage in your building, contact the professionals at Tri State Restorations for flood cleanup—we’ll be on site within 90 minutes!

The Flood Cleanup Process

At Tri State Restorations, we provide a thorough flood cleanup service to buildings throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced restoration experts will:

  • Evaluate affected areas in your building to determine the best flood cleanup techniques
  • Move all furniture that can be salvaged to a climate-controlled facility
  • Identify the type of water damage you have to see if you need waste water treatment
  • Remove any permanently damaged materials from the space
  • Apply germicide on affected areas to prevent mold growth
  • Set up high-powered axial fans and industrial-strength dehumidifiers to fully dry your property and reduce moisture
  • Conduct final moisture readings at completion
  • Provide you with photos for insurance claims

At Tri State Restorations, we understand that flood damage can impact business operations and are available 24 hours a day to help you get back on track as soon as possible. Not only will we work to make sure your space is completely dry and mold-free, but we’ll provide you with the documentation you need for insurance claims as well. We’ll even leave our drying equipment behind for up to 72 hours to keep the drying process going even after our crew leaves your property!

Flood Cleanup for Buildings in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia

If you’ve experienced flood damage any time in the last 48 hours, it’s time to start restoration work NOW—and Tri State Restorations can help. Serving building owners from Alexandria to Columbia to Gaithersburg and more, we’ll provide you with a thorough flood cleanup service so you and your employees can safely occupy the property as soon as possible. We offer a 24-hour service so you’ll never have to deal with a flood on your own.

Don’t leave your employees and building at risk—call Tri State Restorations at 866-818-1949 within one to two days for help with building flood cleanup near you!