Hurricane Irene Floods Basements

Homeowners all along the East Coast were left with wet, soggy basements in Hurricane Irene’s aftermath. In Maryland, winds up to 65 mph brought down trees and power lines. With power shut off to many homes, sump pumps couldn’t operate and rain water flooded into basements.

According to Pepco, which provides power to 778,000 customers in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland and Washington, D.C., Irene knocked out power to 220,000 customers over the weekend. Some 16,000 customers in Montgomery, 44,000 in Prince George’s County and 21,000 in Washington, D.C. remained without power on Monday.

“We’ve been getting dozens of calls from frantic homeowners with basement flooding,” said Mark Wilson,?President of Tri State Restorations, a 24 Hour Emergency flood, mold and fire damage mitigation service in the area. “We’ve been sending out teams within 90 minutes and working non-stop over the weekend to help out.”

“If the electricity has not yet been restored to the home, we can bring out generators to run our equipment. After we extract all of the standing water, we look for water damage to the floor and drywall. We want to make sure that the homeowner isn’t left with a serious mold problem weeks from now.”

To mitigate the water damage, Tri State Restorations uses powerful water extraction sweepers. Then, they remove any water-soaked drywall. Large dehumidifiers and air blowers are brought in to soak up the remaining moisture. It can take from 3-5 days, using the most powerful dehumidifiers and air blowers, before a flooded basement is completely dry.

“If the homeowner has flood insurance, in most cases, their insurance company will cover the cost of our water damage mitigation services, after the deductible is met,” said Mark. “We are offering a 25% rebate of the insurance deductible, up to $250, if the homeowner calls us after visiting our Tri State Restorations website. We want to make sure every homeowner has the help they need.”