Infrared Camera Inspections

Infrared Camera Inspections

Infrared camera inspections can give homeowners unique insight into problems that may otherwise go unnoticed in routine inspections—like leaks in the plumbing or holes in insulation, among other things. Problems like this can leave you susceptible to extensive water damage in the future, especially if there’s any inclement weather. With constant temperature and humidity changes in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, scheduling an infrared camera inspection has become especially critical to local home and building owners.

Using the latest in state-of-the-art technology, Tri State Restorations identifies disaster before it strikes. Call to schedule your infrared camera inspection today!

Our Infrared Camera Inspection

At Tri State Restorations, we offer an infrared camera inspection service to home and building owners throughout the DC area to help you locate any potential leaks within your space. As part of this service, we can detect:

  • Water intrusion
  • Air infiltration
  • Thermal insulation defects
  • Electrical system defects
  • And more

Once the infrared camera inspection is completed, we can offer recommendations to either investigate certain areas further, or take immediate steps to make repairs before you have a more serious water damage emergency on your hands. For information on what water damage repair can entail for you, click here.

Schedule an Infrared Camera Inspection in MD, DC, or VA

Infrared Camera InspectionScheduling an infrared camera inspection today can save you money tomorrow. Not only can this process help you detect any air infiltration or breaches in infiltration that impact your home’s heat, but it can stop water damage in its tracks, saving you money on future repairs as well as on costly utility bills.

At Tri State Restorations, we have the state-of-the-art infrared cameras and the experienced technicians you need to get the job done right. We perform each home and building inspection thoroughly so as to catch each issue and keep our trucks fully stocked in case you need repairs immediately.

Stop the excess water in its tracks with an infrared camera inspection by Tri State Restorations—call today to schedule service in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC and prevent a flood tomorrow!