MD, VA, and DC Restoration Company Offers Continuing Education Classes

Tri State Restorations recently hosted continuing education classes for insurance agencies in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas. The classes focused on ethics and white collar crime as it relates to the insurance industry and specifically targeted the relationship between restoration companies and insurance providers. Not only did this give our participants the opportunity to openly discuss realistic industry issues, but it also allowed them to learn a little more about the restoration experience and what sets Tri State Restorations apart.

Offering continuing education classes to local agents is just one thing that makes our Maryland restoration company unique. To learn more about our services or inquire about future classes, contact us today.

Our Continuing Education Classes

Participants of our continuing education classes were impressed by more than just the venue. The interactive format gave them the unique opportunity to have all their questions answered about the restoration process and prizes were given away to make the class more fun. We had our truck on site as well and attendees had a chance to tour it as part of the restoration learning experience.


One of the continuing education classes we offered revolved around industry ethics. This gave participants the opportunity to discuss business ethics in general with specific examples taken from the insurance industry.

At Tri State Restorations, we believe that ethical behavior is built on trust from restoration companies and insurance providers as well as confidentiality, full disclosure, and ongoing customer support. We discussed this idea in the class and the ways in which we strive to provide ethical service through responsible, honest, and excellent work.

White Collar Crime

White collar crime is one of the newest continuing education classes we offer which, like ethics, gives insurance providers four credits towards their licenses. In this class, we covered 21st century white collar crime in the United States, again focusing on the insurance industry, with the goal of keeping agents informed enough to avoid—and prevent—fraudulent claims. We specifically discussed how important it is to be careful of those who report fraudulent losses and then file claims for restoration services.

Learn More about Our Maryland Restoration Company

At Tri State Restorations, we understand that each person licensed to sell insurance must get continuing education credits to keep their license up to date. We appreciate what local agents do and offer our classes as a courtesy to thank you for your service—and we want to make sure you have fun in the process! We’re happy to have received so many compliments and comments from agents and licensed sales producers regarding the class and look forward to working with many of you again in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our Maryland restoration company and find out about future classes!