Mold Remediation in Montgomery County, Maryland Saves Home

demo stage for mold remediationMold and mildew are among the stealthiest dangers to a home. Even well-constructed houses can see slow leaks in pipes that, over time, encourage and feed colonies of mold. Homeowners might not even be aware of a problem since the leak is slow and it takes a long time for water damage to become apparent on the other side of a wall, ceiling, or floor. By the time the damage is noticed, the mold colonies might already be established or worse, flourishing.

The hot and humid summers we see in Maryland can contribute to this problem, though mold can grow even in winter. Once a colony is established, the only option homeowners have is to partner with a professional mold clean up service. Tri State Restorations recently completed a very successful residential project involving mold remediation in Montgomery County, Maryland, with just this scenario.

Mold Clean Up:  First Steps

ceiling mold damageThe home sustained severe damage from a leak from a broken pipe in the ceiling. It was apparent that the leak had been going on for some time, unknown to the homeowners until they suspected a problem and called TriState Restorations.

TriState Restorations’ team of experienced and certified professionals arrived at the home in our fully equipped work vehicle. After making introductions and performing a walk through with the homeowners, we determined that not only was the mold colony established, but the building materials in the ceiling were heavily degraded by the water leak and resulting mold activity, causing a need for water damage repair and mold damage remediation.

mold damage clean upTo make sure that no removed spores moved to other areas of the home during the clean up, we set up air filtration devices and a containment barrier that caused the air pressure in our working area to be different from the air pressure in the rest of the home, preventing mold spores from leaving our controlled area. We also set up dehumidifiers to control the relative humidity in the home.

Mold Clean Up:  Remove, Clean, Seal

In this particular Maryland home, due to the extensive damage, our mold clean up and water damage repair included removing the:

  • drywall
  • insulation
  • framing, and
  • flooring material above the source of the leak, as it also was damaged.

The Tri State Restorations team determined that the ceiling joists, some of the studs, and other framework in the affected area were salvageable and did not need to be removed.

Once the materials that were damaged beyond repair were removed, we were able to move into the next stage of the mold clean up and water damage repair process.

  • First, we cleaned the remaining surfaces using abrasive techniques- sanders, wire brushes, and HEPA vacuums- to force the mold off of the materials.
  • Next, we used an anti-microbial solution to wipe down the areas cleaned with a professional grade anti-microbial solution that kills mold. Our solution is also effective for mold remediation, acting as an inhibitor that discourages mold from re-establishing colonies.
  • Finally, we used encapsulation to seal in any residual spores, helping prevent the possibility that the mold spores could travel and cause damage elsewhere in the home.

complete mold remediation projectThe owners of this Montgomery County, Maryland home acted fast once they realized that there was a problem. Once a colony is established, mold clean up is not a do-it-yourself proposition! By calling Tri State Restorations, the homeowners were able to stop the mold colony from doing any further damage to their home with our professional inspection and cleaning services.