Mold Remediation Safety Guidelines

Mold Remediation Safety Guidelines

Personal Protective Requirements (PPE)

When a mold remediation project begins, Tri State Restorations requires that all occupants leave the remediation area. The occupants are not to return until the mold remediation is complete. The reason for this precaution is that the removal of mold contamination puts an even greater number of mold spores temporarily into the air, thus causing potential health hazards to the occupants if they were present during the mold remediation.

Tri State Restorations personnel responsible for remediation projects have received complete training on proper clean-up methods, personal safety and protection and the prevention of potential health hazards due to microbiological organisms.

Tri State Restorations respiratory protection plans are in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Hath Association (OSHA) Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFT 1910.134). In addition, appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves, clothing and eye protection are used at all times.

All Tri State Restorations mold remediation workers are protected by personal protective gear and include all of the following at a minimum:

  • One-piece facemask to protect workers eyes from mold spores and to filter out mold spores from being inhaled through the nose or mouth. Workers breathe through an air respirator utilizing two-stage air filter cartridges. Alternatively, similar protection can be obtained by using both chemical splash eye goggles WITH NO AIR HOLES and a respirator breathing mask with two-stage filter cartridges.
  • Tyvek or comparable one-piece body suit with head cover (hood)
  • Tyvek or comparable booties to cover shoes, sock and feet
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ear plugs

No food or drink can be present or consumed inside the home. Mold spores can be ingested into the body by food and drink after being contaminated by airborne mold spores.

Rest assured that your safety is our number one concern: before, during and after our remediation work is completed.