Preventing Storm Damage

How Can I Prevent Storm Damage?

The Washington DC Metro area, including suburban Maryland and Virginia, is no stranger to the power of sudden wind and rain storms. These storm events can contribute to devastating property damage all season long.  Whether destruction from hurricane damage or wind damage from a cyclone, sudden storms can lead to excess water, sewer backup, or mold growth—problems that can grow more serious the longer they’re left untreated.

Tri State Restorations helps home and business owners keep their properties safe from harmful bacteria and toxins that grow with storm and water damage. We attend to storm damage throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, providing 24-hour service so you can count on us whenever there’s an emergency. Contact us today!

How Can I Protect my Property?

When a storm is imminent, you don’t have to be a sitting duck. There are several steps you can take in advance to protect your property.


What Can I Do When Storms Cause Damage?

If you discover property damage after the storm has passed, it’s important to begin hurricane cleanup immediately in order to avoid health complications for you and your family and prevent serious structural damage to your home. Call a professional restoration company as soon as possible and be sure to avoid any unstable power lines while you wait for us to arrive.

When our crews get there, we’ll quickly get to work:

  • Assessing the extent of any damage
  • Providing water extraction
  • Setting up fans and dehumidifiers to expedite drying
  • Removing any damaged materials and furniture
  • Tarping and boarding up any damaged roofs, walls, doors or windows
  • Providing structural drying
  • Removing any growing mold
  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting storm- damaged areas

Treating Storm Damage in Maryland, Washington, DC, & Virginia

For any kinds of storm damage, big or small, we’re here to help. Our expert team can be onsite within 90 minutes of your emergency in order to quickly make you and your property whole again.

Don’t let storm damage go untreated! Contact Tri State Restorations within one to two days to begin storm cleanup in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia.