Protect Against the Top 4 Disasters for Commercial Properties

Avoid Commercial Property Damage by Having A Disaster PlanDisasters occur unexpectedly and many  property managers and business owners are not prepared or protected against the ensuing damage.  Tri State Restorations (Tri State) has several resource fact sheets that contain preventative measures that can help avoid or minimize damage in the event of a disaster.  Being prepared can help minimize losses, decrease the extent of damage and property cleanup time, and get you back in business faster.

The four most common types of disasters that occur for property owners are:

If any one of these should occur or you live in an area where they are more likely to occur, rest assured that Tri State Specialists can handle restoration of business property regardless of cause or extent of damage, including full reconstruction.

Even better, get prepared ahead of time.  Tri State resource pages helps prepare commercial property owners and homeowners with how best to respond in the case of disaster or unexpected damage.  The following resources are available on Tri State’s website:

Taking the time to read and implement the suggestions on these pages requires only a little time investment and foresight, but saves you money and greatly decreases the stress and anxiety in the event of a loss or disaster.

Tri State specialists are experts in handling commercial losses, whether for property management companies, business owners, hospitals, schools, or professional buildings.  Call Tri State today to learn how to be best prepared in case of water, fire, smoke, sewage or mold damage.