Repairing Damage After Lightning Strikes

Property damage caused by lightning strikes to the exterior of a home or business can cause more damage than one might think. At between 100 million and 1 billion volts of electricity in a stroke of lightning, channeled to an area roughly the size of a dollar coin, a single strike can cause damage from small burns to fires. Lightning damage can even occur from explosions caused by the incredible pressure of this natural phenomenon. Further damage can occur once the exterior of a building is breached by letting rain inside the home or if sprinklers go off, creating a need not just for fire damage restoration but for water damage repair as well.

As experts in all types of clean up, restoration, and damage repair, we at Tri State Restorations know that there is no “usual” time of year for lightning damage in the tri-state area. Lightning damage happens year round, though summer weather patterns can make severe damage more frequent between May and August. One of our recent clients in Ellicot City, Maryland, recently found this out firsthand.

Tri State Restorations’ Quick Response to Lightning Damage Repair

The homeowners who called us had sustained lightning damage from what appeared to be a direct strike to the side of their home. The call came to us immediately following the strike, late in the evening. We sent a crew of experienced and uniformed restoration specialists to the property immediately, arriving within 90 minutes of the first call.

On seeing the extent of the damage, our crew promptly set up water-tight tarps across the damaged side of the house to prevent further water damage. This was especially crucial in this situation, as the third level of the home had already sustained extensive water damage. Many homeowners might not associate lightning damage with water damage, but in severe strikes, the two often go hand in hand, which is why our crew arrived prepared with the materials they needed to seal off the interior.

Tri State Restorations’ Thorough Handling of Lightning Damage Repair

After protecting the interior and conducting a consultation with the homeowners, our crew moved inside the home, where they followed Tri State Restorations’ protocol for emergency damage remediation. We take water damage seriously because years of experience and training have taught us that water damage that is not remedied immediately can lead to further problems, such as structural damage and mold growth, in a brief time. With this in mind, we:

  • Set up fans, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to keep clean air flowing through the home.
  • Removed all damaged materials, including carpet, padding, drywall, and insulation.
  • Thoroughly cleaned and deodorized the affected areas.

Lightning is one of the great forces of nature, and lightning damage is a force to be reckoned with long after the original strike. It was unfortunate that this homeowner had to experience this firsthand, but Tri State Restorations was able to help the homeowner get through the night without sustaining further damage and begin the restoration process immediately.

We hope that you never need to deal with weather related damage to your home or business, but if you do, know that Tri State Restorations is ready to assist you with emergency damage repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 1-866-818-1949.