Sewage Cleanup Procedures


Sewage damage in a home or business can be devastating. If improperly treated and cleaned, sewage contamination can contribute to additional property damage, as well as threaten the health and wellness of people and pets. Below are some of the steps that Tri State takes to properly clean damage caused by sewage. Your Tri State technician will always follow the critical safety guidelines as the risk factors of sewage damage and related cleanup are extremely high.

  1. We always start any inspection, evaluation or work by first using PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) specialized clothing or equipment to include but not limited to:
    • Tyvek Protection Covers
    • Gloves
    • Goggles
    • Respirators
    • Hard Hats
  2. Moisture mapping; checking for moisture behind carpet, padding, tack strips, baseboards and drywall, panel board, plaster, gypsum board and insulation; evaluating the extent of the damage for possible removal, and setting up proper drying equipment through various electronic moisture sensing devices to include but not limited to:
    • Penetrating meters – Use sharp pins or probes that are inserted into porous materials to measure the moisture percentage contained within the said material.
    • Non Penetrating – Meters that transmit electrical impulses into the material to electronically determine moisture content.
    • Hygrometer – An instrument used to automatically record and plot changes in humidity and temperature.
    • Thermal Imagery – The Imagery is produced by sensing and recording various thermal imagery emitted or reflected from the objects which are imaged.
  3. Identifying and implementing the principles of drying:
    • Removing excess water through pumping, extracting, draining and absorption.
    • Promoting evaporation and dehumidification.
    • Controlling temperature.
  4. Identifying and using the correct biocide and cleaning methods followed by the industry.

To identify your drying goals, contact Tri State Restorations at 866-818-1949 and we would be more than happy to provide an in person consultation to go over the additional steps and procedures.