Sewage Damage Risks


Sewage Damage and Cleanup Risk Factors

It is important to understand the risk factors of experiencing sewage damage in your home. Sewage contains organisms present that include a variety of disease causing human viruses and parasites, along with bacteria and fungi. Examples of bacterial pathogens in sewage include gram negative organisms to include but not limited to Salmonella, Shigella and Escherichia coli. Human feces and urine contain over 100 different viruses to also include various animal and human parasites. The fungi in sewage are a significant source of bacterial endotoxins. Endotoxins are a lipolysaccharide molecule that is part of the outer cell wall of gram negative bacteria. When ingested into the body, endoxins can cause serious health affects to include fevers, changes in white blood cell counts, increased airway resistance, shock and even death.

Know the risk factors and act quickly to clean up sewage. The longer the sewage is allowed to linger inside your home or office, the significance of further damage to the structure, contents and risks of immediate to long term illness is quite high. For immune compromised individuals this type of damage cannot be underestimated and the clean up should be done by a trained professional to avoid unnecessary dangers.

Most sewage damages occur in basements of homes. Children are at great risk in a sewage damage situation as the basement is an area where there are play rooms, recreation rooms, gyms and other activity areas. Basements play a role in home day cares as well.

It is important to not underestimate the danger or risk factors of sewage damage. Improper cleanup techniques can lead to dangerous conditions down the road.