Smoke Damage Repair & Cleanup Services in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Smoke Damage Repair & Cleanup Services in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

After a fire is extinguished, the damage it causes to your home is not over. The smoke deposits left on your walls, floors, air ducts, and belongings can continue to cause damage until they are removed. The first 24 hours after a fire emergency are the most critical to begin repair and restoration work.

Smoke particles are acidic and can corrode or permanently stain your carpets, walls, upholstery, and more if necessary measures are not taken to remove it within a very short period of time. In order to protect your home and your most cherished possessions, Tri State Restorations provides 24-hour services and response times of 90 minutes or less—7 days per week!

Our Smoke Restoration Equipment & Expertise

We are fully trained and equipped to handle any type of fire or smoke restoration emergency—so rest assured that when you choose Tri State Restorations, you are choosing a company that has the tools and expertise necessary to help you through this difficult time. We’ll even bill your insurance company directly—saving you time and removing additional hassle during this stressful event.

Our equipment consists of state-of-the-art air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines, and more—designed to get your home back to its original condition as quickly as possible. Our most important tools—our people—will work tirelessly until your home looks and feels like home again.

Our Smoke Restoration Process

Our smoke restoration process starts with a certified restoration technician being dispatched to your home—any time of day. The technician will arrive in 90 minutes or less and immediately begin to assess your property damage and create a comprehensive plan of action. Next, the technician will identify all safety issues that might have been created by the fire damage to ensure that your family as well as the restoration crew are safe.

Next, the technician and the restoration crew will remove damaged items from your home to have them processed, cleaned, and sanitized so that they can be returned to you in their original condition.

Once the damaged goods are removed from your home, our technicians will utilize specially designed equipment to remove smoke deposits from surfaces and the air.

After the restoration work has been completed, we will do a final inspection and walk-through to ensure that all work has been completed to your satisfaction.

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If you have experienced a fire at your home in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia and need professional smoke damage restoration services, contact Tri State Restorations today. Our restoration professionals will be on site in as little as 90 minutes to get your repair and restoration work underway.

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