Smoke Damage Repair in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Smoke Damage Repair in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

If you have a fire in your home or building, excess smoke may develop and linger in your indoor space. Living amid smoke damage can be harmful to your health, especially for those with lung problems or other health issues. Don’t wait to get help- taking swift action is critical to keeping your home and health safe.  Tri State Restorations is available 24/7 for smoke damage restoration services you can count on in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC!

Our Smoke Damage Restoration Services

The right smoke damage repair company will have the necessary expertise, training, and equipment to safely and properly handle any contamination so that you can occupy your space without worry of health issues. Tri State Restorations employs fire & smoke restorations technicians who are are fully certified and trained to handle smoke damage, no matter how severe. We have years of experience helping home and building owners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC recover from all types of smoke damage and we can be on site around 90 minutes from your call to ensure your smoke emergency is handled expertly and efficiently. We specialize in post-fire cleanup work and always go the extra mile to make sure all the smoke damage in your home is eliminated. In addition to our knowledgeable support staff and friendly and experienced fire recovery technicians, we also use state-of-the-industry recovery techniques such as innovative ozone generators and smoke odor neutralizing agents that are unavailable to consumers in stores– just a few ways to ensure your property is handled with the utmost care.

Why Quick, Professional Smoke Damage Repair Is Important

Seeking professional help—and fast—is important when you have smoke damage in your home or building. Waiting too long for repairs or attempting to resolve smoke damage on your own can leave you subject to health and safety issues. Consider the following:

  • Smoke may cause distress for persons with lung or heart problems, in children, in the elderly, and/or the immune-compromised.
  • Surface water systems may be contaminated with soot, ash and debris.
  • Heat may have damaged personal items such as clothing and furniture.
  • Soot corrodes surfaces the longer it lingers: even glass and metal can be permanently etched and damaged by smoke and soot damage.
  • Heat damaged and/or smoke damaged food items may harbor potentially hazardous bacteria or chemicals.

Call Us 24/7 for Home & Building Smoke Damage Restoration

Tri State Restorations is the smoke damage restoration you can count on in a crisis. We have been serving residents of the DC area for over 10 years and have built a reputation for providing a reliable, fast, and thorough repair service. If you’ve had a fire in your home, we can also help you with:

  • Temporary Board-Ups – Fire damage can leave your home or building exposed and vulnerable to further damage. We will provide you with immediate board-up services to prevent exposure to weather as well as unwanted entry.
  • Soot Removal – Any remaining soot can stain or corrode your belongings. We will use professional fire restoration equipment to clean your space, ensuring your home is odor-free and healthy.
  • Contents Cleaning – We take care to carefully relocate your damaged contents and furniture to a clean space, and work diligently and carefully to eliminate all traces of smoke/soot staining, as well as odors.
  • Direct Insurance Billing – We eliminate the stress of dealing with the insurance company by working directly with your insurance company on your claim.

When there’s a smoke emergency in your home or building- don’t wait to call the pros at Tri State Restorations. We have experienced and certified smoke damage repair specialists on our team and state-of-the-art equipment designed to leave your home smoke-free and odorless. Call now to get service you can count on fast—866-818-1949!