Tri State Offers Home Restoration in Virginia to Tornado Damaged Properties

Tornado damage is devastating. The high winds and strong rains that accompany most tornadoes and severe storms are unpredictable, and the tornado that touched down this past weekend in Petersburg and Hampton, Virginia was no exception. Fortunately, none of the families impacted by the three mile long path of the tornado were seriously harmed. However, these families and families impacted by the storms throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. now have the task of finding emergency restoration services for their homes and properties.

Emergency Restoration Services in Virginia for Storm Damage

Those who now need emergency restoration services in Virginia as a result of the storm must take quick action.  The high winds that accompanied this weekend’s storms caused damage to the exteriors of many homes and properties. In severe cases this moves the framing of the home and causes the walls to shift, and combined with exterior damage, this can allow rainwater to collect inside the building. This rainwater collection is dangerous not only because it causes water damage, but it can also be a breeding ground for mold. A common action that homeowners take after such damage is to cover the missing siding or roofing with tarps. This will help further water from entering the building, but the heat reflected underneath the tarp can actually encourage mold growth. What’s more, a tarp that is incorrectly used can actually prevent water that is already inside from drying, making water damage worse.

Many homeowners in the Virginia counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William will need two types of emergency restoration services: water damage repair and mold remediation and removal. The first step property owners should take is to call their insurance company to make them aware of the damage. Next, property owners should call a certified emergency restoration company like Tri State Restorations.

Tri State Restorations is Ready to Repair Storm and Tornado Damage

Tri State Restorations strives to arrive on every job within 90 minutes fully prepared to begin work with our signed work vehicle. Our employees proudly wear the Tri State Restorations uniform to show that our company takes pride in our reputation, which is important after a crisis when property owners want to be sure to avoid inexperienced and unprepared contractors. We fully measure the damage to a property before beginning work, whether the damage is related to rain, wind, or mold. We are also trained and equipped to handle fire and smoke damage such as from a lightening strike, which is important considering that several homes in the storm’s path reported this type of damage.

Once the damage is assessed, Tri State Restorations is able to begin emergency restoration services to repair storm and tornado damage without delay and help affected commercial and residential property owners return their property to normal. Tri State Restorations is a specialist in water damage remediation, mold removal, and other emergency restoration services in Virginia.

We offer emergency restoration services in Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, the hardest hit areas from the recent storms, as well as throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. Please call our trained, professional service staff toll free at (866) 280-3073 to discuss how we can repair and prevent further damage to your property.