An Unfortunate Sewage Damage Story

Sewage damage is one of the most frustrating and possibly dangerous problems a homeowner can have. When sewage backs up from a septic line, or when a home is flooded with organic matter, disease-causing microorganisms can grow, posing a serious risk to everyone’s health. For your family’s safety, it’s important that sewage cleanup happen quickly and thoroughly.

sewage can damage a concrete floor

sewage can damage a concrete floor

An Unfortunate Story of Sewage Damage in Montgomery County, Maryland


The Warrens live in an old farmhouse in Potomac that has been in the family for generations. The house has three floors, including a cellar that is seldom used.

One weekend, the sink in the cellar backed up due to a blockage. The family was using the sink to drain the dehumidifier hose, and water had overflowed and spilled onto the cellar floor. Or so they thought…

They called Tri State Restorations for help

When the Tri State Restorations service technicians arrived, they determined that the sink was not the problem. Instead, the toilet had suffered a catastrophic sewage backup, and contaminated water now covered almost the entire concrete floor. Because the sewage had been in the cellar for a few days before the family noticed the problem, moisture had seeped deeply into the wood paneled walls.

Tri State Restoration’s team of certified technicians stepped in to thoroughly clean up the sewage and make the house safe again. They began by irrigating the floor with clean water to loosen the sewage that had settled onto the floor so that they could extract it. They repeated the process 3 times to ensure that the floor was as clean as possible.

Next, they treated the concrete floor with an anti-microbial to kill off all the bacteria. Then, they removed and disposed of the bathroom walls to halt the further spread of mold and bacteria. Large dehumidifiers and air scrubbers were brought in for several days to reduce the relative humidity of the cellar and remove any harmful pathogens from the air.

After Tri State’s sewage cleanup work was complete, the cellar was restored to a clean, safe condition, providing the Warren family with peace of mind.

If you should be unfortunate enough to find yourself in need of a a sewage cleanup expert, Tri State Restorations can help. We have teams throughout Montgomery County, including the cities of Potomac, Rockville, Gaithersburg and Germantown. We promise to arrive at your home within 90 minutes, seven days a week, if you live anywhere in Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC.