Weatherize Your Home And Save On Your Heating Bills


 Weatherizing Your House Can Keep Out the Cold

Weatherizing Can Keep Out the Cold

You might not know that weatherizing your home, plugging and sealing air leaks, can save you as much as to 30 percent on your heating and cooling bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste from 5% to 30% of your home energy use. You may already know where some of the major air leakage occurs, such as an under-the-door draft that makes you want to put on thick wool socks, but other areas might not be so obvious.

To get a full picture of where your home is losing energy, you might consider having a professional Home Energy Audit performed. In the meantime, Tri State Restorations offers these helpful tips for weatherizing your home to save on your heating bills.

Look For Obvious Cracks And Holes

Walk around your house on a cold day and notice wherever you feel a draft. It could be under the front door, around an old window, or heating ducts. These are the areas you want to tackle first.

Fill The Drafts

For large, drafty areas, such as the space under your door, a low-tech solution might be just what you need. A draft snake, which you can easily make yourself from a rolled bath towel, can fill the space and stop cold air from coming in.


You can use a caulking compound to seal leaks in a variety of places throughout your home, including around windows and doorframes. Caulk forms a flexible seal for cracks, gaps, or joints that are less than 1 quarter-inch wide. In addition to plugging air leaks, caulking can also prevent water damage inside your home when you apply it around faucets, ceiling fixtures, water pipes, drains, bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a great way to seal leaks around windows and doors. There are many types of weather stripping on the market, specially designed for the location where you need to use it. Your local hardware store should be able to help you choose exactly the right kind of weather stripping for the job you have in mind.

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