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Join Tri State for the Last Virtual Coffee Break of 2022; Prepare for Cold Weather Hazards

Join Tri State on October 26 at 10:30am for our monthly Virtual Coffee Break! Register Here:

This month, for our last VCB of the season, we're going to prepare everyone for winter weather. Team TSR will be featuring tips to help you prepare for cold weather disasters like frozen pipes, water intrusion and more. Plus, we'll have a very special teaser for our upcoming Holiday Extravaganza in December!

The first 100 attendees receive a $5 Starbucks Gift card and one lucky attendee will win a spooky 'Haunted Dozen' halloween gift pack from Georgetown Cupcakes!

See you there!


Note: To qualify for the $5 gift, you must be one of the first 100 attendees to both login and remain signed in for at least 60% of the presentation as indicated by our Zoom attendance reporting. Contact with any questions or concerns.

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