• Great question! Because every damage is unique and every property is different, our team is unable to give a reliable estimate for service over the phone or via chat.

    A water or sewage damage in your property is considered an emergency. This is because the longer water sits untreated, the scope of damage can increase. For example, a clean water loss can become contaminated when it maintains contact with building materials. Additionally, microbial growth can begin to take hold after about 48 hours of exposure.

    For these reasons, property insurers and mitigation experts alike agree: don't wait for an estimate! Tri State Restorations can begin mitigating a water loss at any time of day or night to help you prevent additional collateral damage.

  • Tri State Restorations works with all major insurance carriers. While we are contracted by you (the property owner) to do work at your property, we will collect any deductible payments on behalf of your insurance and send them a copy of our invoice¬†as a courtesy.

    If your insurance is handling your loss as a covered claim, we will work directly with them and you to handle payment of outstanding invoices.

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