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2019 Mother’s Day Gifts for Modern Metro Area Moms

May 12th is fast approaching and moms throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC are wondering… will it be an awesome day of surprises from their loving family, or just another day of “being mommy.” With a bit of help from us and a little time, effort and/or money we guarantee you can make Mother’s Day 2019 the absolute best she’s ever had since… well… Mother’s Day 2018!

Let’s start with a few out-of-the-box gifts and products you can buy right now and move into a few ideas suited to our “craftier” readers.

Practical & Unique

New York Magazine published a list of practical but upscale gift ideas for many types of mothers including moms who:

  • Like to Cook
  • Really Like to Cook
  • Like to Cook (but Hate Clutter)
  • Like Their Lattes
  • Like Their Pinot Grigio
  • Like Their Pinot Noir (but Just One Glass)
  • Just Became a Mom
  • Just Became a Mom (for the Second Time)

There’s something for all moms here and we share them all with you. Our favorite – the Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set. Why? Years of water remediation has taught us one thing. Moisture + Darkness = Mold & Mildew. That’s something we don’t want anywhere near the cutlery we use on food.

Instead of sticking damp knives into dark slots in a wood block, this knife set suspends the knives in mid-air allowing them to fully dry. Avoiding water damage and mildew on a small scale is okay with us!

Gift Ideas >

History of Mothers Day >

Easy & Fun for the Kids

Looking for something the kids can do that’s easy on the pocket but heavy on heartfelt caring? No problem. Check out over 25 awesome craft ideas your little ones can enjoy doing, while putting a smile on mommy’s face at the same time.

After a long in-office debate, our favorite boiled down to the Unicorn Planter – because #UNICORN! Can anything top unicorns right now?!?

Mothers Day Crafts >

I Love Unicorns Too >

Over the years we’ve had to protect and attempt to restore so many mothers’ keepsakes made by their kids. Those items are often more beloved than furniture, art, electronics and so many other items with big price tags.

Use the comments to let us know what you’re Mother’s Day “go to” gifts are, or the most unique and heartfelt ideas you’ve had. We’re all ears.

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