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AIHA New Guidance Stresses Importance of Hazardous Condition Assessments for Building Owners

AIHA Releases New Guidance Document on Covid-19 Building Recovery

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) recently released a guide to help facility managers and building owners recover from Covid-19 building closures and develop plans to reoccupy.

Available as a free PDF download, the Recovering from COVID-19 Building Closures guidance document was developed by the AIHA as part of their coronavirus outbreak public resources and contains important information and guidelines for building owners that plan to reoccupy their facilities. It details specific maintenance protocols, important and required testing of systems and lists the hazards to look out for.

AIHA also stresses the importance of bringing an infection protocol professional like Tri State Restorations on site to assess hazardous conditions, the current risk of Covid-19 and develop plans to test and control other building related hazards such as Legionella and mold.

Download the free guidance document »

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