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Are you Smarter than a Bathroom? Exploring Smart Bath Tech.

These mind-blowing innovations in bathroom technology will change the way you… um… well… think about bathrooms.

Every year technology advances in the hopes of adding convenience, reducing breakdowns, and in general making life a little easier. While some advances will help you avoid potential bathrooms accidents and the water damage that can come with them, these incredible 2019 gadgets will simply transform the way you look at “the bathroom” forever…

Hang on to Your Seat – KOHLER has introduced a Singing, Super Toilet!

It’s hard to ease into something so profound so we’ll just get right to it. The Numi toilet from Kohler pretty much corners the market for technology and design, offering unprecedented comfort, cleansing, and control. Imagine fine-tuning your time with your commode with wireless Bluetooth®* music, ambient colored lighting, a heated seat and a foot warmer.

Let’s unpack that in order. Have your favorite singer crooning or listen to your favorite “bathroom” tunes with all the convenience of a modern car or media system. Stream wirelessly with Bluetooth technology, store MP3 files on an SD card, or plug a device in directly using an auxiliary cord.

Complete the mood with a fully adjustable lighting system. The entire rainbow is at your fingertips to control ambient and bowl lighting separately. You can even schedule different colors for different days! In fact there are 8 colors to choose from and three (3) different programming options.

And of course there’s the comforting touch of warmth. The Kohler Numi toilet provides a both a heated seat and a flow of warm air to caress your feet while you… wait.

You regulate all of these techno wonders from a stylish touch-screen remote that also controls the temperature, pressure and position of dual front and rear bidet washers and dryer. Not to mention automatic opening & closing of the lid and flushing, all motion-controlled for your convenience.

Other upgrades include Power-Save mode for energy efficiency, emergency flush for power outages, and an intuitive touch-screen remote that docks magnetically on a wall-mounted charging station. Even the remote is smarter than the average household gadget adjusting to 12 different languages and allowing up to 6 family members to save their own preferences.

All said, the only thing the Numi toilet doesn’t do is laundry and dishes – not that you’d want it to!

Give Your MOEN Shower a “Phone Call”

Thanks to Moen, the days of starting an ice cold shower and walking away until it warms up are over. No more will you use your hands to gauge the temperature at the bathtub spigot only to find out you were way off when you step into the shower and the water hits your body. Moen has introduced the U by Moen shower, a fully customizable system to create the perfect shower before you ever step in. Even before you step into the bathroom. Yes, you can even customize your shower before you step into your home if you like!

You control the U by Moen by touch using a wall-mounted display, or with an app on your phone, and now by voice recognition as well! This amazing shower system is now compatible with home speaker/automation systems like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

That means you can start, stop or pause your shower, as well as set your perfect preferred water temperature, all from the comfort of your bedroom simply by talking to your shower. Or prep an evening shower from downstairs dinner table using the home voice assistant of your choice. You can even use the app to have your shower ready & waiting as soon as you walk in the door from work.

Your options for high-tech living… in your bathroom… have never been so rich and varied. If the U by Moen shower piques your interest, the basic system retails from $1,200 to $2,300, with voice control adding a bit extra.

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