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Don’t Lose Sight of a Real Threat During Covid-19

As the focus continues to be on the pandemic, we’re all living in a world where Covid-19 has taken over our lives. We cannot afford to lose focus though, now is the time to develop best practices for emergencies and disasters. While most are stuck at home, disasters from water, sewage and fire damage are ever prevalent. What are you doing during the pandemic to mitigate losses from these disasters and be better prepared?

We have found that many clients are currently laying off employees due to temporary closures of their offices and properties. Building facility managers and property managers alike are forced to telework and rely on infrequent communication and site visits to their buildings, which can potentially cause major delays to prevent or repair damage when an emergency strikes.

Here are some best practices to help you mitigate your losses and better prepare for disaster:

  • Know where your shuts off are (water/electric/HVAC).
  • Develop a checklist of “hotspot” high risk areas within your facility and on your property.
  • Inspect the high risk areas of your property periodically, this helps to prevent further damage in an emergency.
  • Or, if working remotely, video conference with on-site personnel for real-time visuals of the grounds.
  • Create safety guidance documentation in light of Covid-19
  • Keep your emergency contacts readily on hand, this should include: plumbers, mechanical contractors, HVAC, local municipalities and the fire department.
  • Have a 24-hour on call service like Tri State Restorations in your rolodex.

In these uncertain times we all need to be thinking two steps ahead. The Covid-19 pandemic will end – don’t be left with costly claims denied or challenged by insurance carriers or clients. Have a Plan!

No matter the size disaster, Tri State Restorations will be there for you within 90 minutes in an emergency. We are an essential contractor that will work with you and your team to minimize damage to affected areas and provide you with peace of mind for your properties.

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