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Happy Father’s Day: For the Plumber in Every Dad

Being a dad is nice. Being a PLUMBER DAD is AWESOME!

Working hand in hand with plumbers everyday we have a soft spot for all the plumber dads out there… and the dads who think they have plumbing skills (shhh… don’t tell them otherwise:)

With Father’s Day right around the corner on June 16th, we felt the need to provide perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for the hard-working plumber dad / dad-who-plumbs. Dads, feel free to print this article and slip it anywhere and everywhere mom and the kids may “accidentally stumble” across it – in her pillow case, in their cereal box, in their toy box, or in the hidden 3rd zipper of the 4th pocket of her purse under the invisible magnetic closure. You know, the usual places!

A T-Shirt is Worth a Thousand Words

OSHA Safety Regs prevent you from going shirtless in the workplace – so shirts are a “must have!” And you may as well have some fun with it:)

Shop the Perfect T >

Make a Statement Every Morning

No matter how sluggish you wake up – even Monday – you deserve a happy pick me up sure to make you smile. Or at least smirk sarcastically!

Shop Gag Coffee Mugs >

Shop Plumber Coffee Mugs >

PVC Pipe: Perfect for Everything!

Let’s face it. As a plumber and a dad, there is no limit to the things you may need in the course of a day. It just so happens PVC pipe is the answer. Period. To every question the universe can muster!

PVC Craft Ideas >

PVC Craft Projects >

There you have it. Some for the plumber in every dad:)

Happy Father’s Day from Tri State Restorations! Dads… if you’ve fixed the leak and need the water extracted or expert drying, consider us your professional mitigation tool! 24/7 Emergency Service: 866-818-1949

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