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How to Leverage Your Community Marketing & Brand to Build Lasting Connections

Check out the latest article from Tri State’s Marketing Director, Adrianne Gracias on how to Leverage Your Community Marketing & Brand to Build LASTING Connections in this month’s Washington Metropolitan Chapter Community Association Institute (WMCCAI) Quorum Magazine. View the full May issue of Quorum, here »

Leverage Your Community Marketing & Brand to Build Lasting Connections

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What is your community identity? Your brand? Sure, you may have a logo, utilize specific fonts, colors or even carry a mission statement. But, if your community residents do not associate you with your brand, they’re not connecting with you through these visual elements. Here are some helpful tips to reinforce your property branding to build stronger, and lasting connections with community residents.

Stay in touch!

Are you utilizing email marketing to communicate with your residents? If you’re not, it’s time to start. During covid-19, email is the perfect way to share community reminders, events and general news. Remember if your community residents don’t recognize you or your property’s brand, they won’t read your emails. Keep your branding consistent and include your contact information on everything you distribute.

Pro-tip: Utilize a well thought out and branded email template. Programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact are inexpensive, easy to use, and offer design services to help you look your best!

Do you have property management signage on your property?

If they don’t recognize your logo, they won’t know who you are! Double check that your logo is accurate. Proportions matter too. If your logo is slightly askew or the colors are wrong, you’re not successfully representing yourself or your community brand. Remember, this is your identity. Be sure to address any improperly printed signage and replace where necessary.

Pro-tip: If your property branding has aged, a good way to draw attention and gain visibility is to undergo rebranding efforts. Covid-19 is a perfect time to refresh your look and feel – just don’t forget to announce the changes!

Do your residents know how to contact you?

Double check your contact information on all relevant marketing to ensure it’s correct and up-to-date.

Pro-tip: Host a virtual happy hour with community members to introduce yourself and your team! Just because we’re living through a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t get a little face time.

What happens if there is a flood, sewage backup or fire emergency?

Address emergency situation protocol with your community residents. No one wants to live through an unforeseen disaster, and not knowing who to contact can make things even worse. Residents will appreciate your extra efforts during trying times.

Pro-Tip: Print and distribute emergency cards with different scenarios and directions for each.

Offer Value!

Regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) distribute messages that help your residents take action to improve their lives during the pandemic. Whether it’s nutrition, health or general wellbeing offers, these value-added communication channels help build your reputation. Remind residents of your community assets and provide informative material whenever possible. (e.g.: Did you know that we offer concierge services? Avoid Covid-19 and shop safely from the comfort of your home with our help!)

Pro-tip: Ask residents to update their contact information on a bi-annual basis. This will ensure you have the correct email address and phone number on record.

Ask for feedback.

One way to ensure you’re doing everything you can is to ask. Regularly sending customer satisfaction surveys to your community members will help to keep your line of communication open.

Pro-tip: Ask open ended or thought provoking questions like, “What services could we add to our community that would benefit you?” or, “What would make your experience living here better?”.


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