24-hours emergency services

Your local DMV Area Restoration & Mitigation Expert

Do you have a local property emergency? Call us 24/7 to assist: 866-818-1949

Is it paranormal activity 🔮🕯👻 OR water damage? 💦 🏠

Have you seen or felt a mysterious cold spot at your property? The explanation for this may not be as spooky as you think! 🤔 Give us a call before you arrange an exorcism and we’ll perform an property inspection to provide you with peace of mind because your culprit is likely water damage, either water intrusion from an outside source (foundation, roof, exterior walls) or an active leak. For everything else, we’d recommend calling Ghostbusters! 😱👻

Happy Halloween

🎃 Happy Halloween from all of us at Tri State Restorations LLC® 🎃

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