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Its Hurricane Season for the DMV; Are You Prepared for heavy rains, flooding and wind damages?

Tri State wants to make sure you and your residents are prepared for the 2023 hurricane season by helping you find out how susceptible your property is to hurricane disasters. By knowing your zone, you’ll be better able to plan for an emergency.

That’s why, this summer, we’re encouraging everyone to determine their community risk by finding out their hurricane evacuation zone and locating their closest emergency shelter. And, because disaster can strike at any time, don’t just search for where you live, but where you work as well! The FEMA app (http://fema.gov/mobile-app) is a great resource for finding a local list of open shelters during a disaster.

Once you know your zone and evacuation location, become familiar with the suggested emergency routes. Remember, phone service may not be active so it’s important to successfully navigate to safety without GPS assistance. Check out these communication tips from FEMA (https://www.fcc.gov/emergency) to learn more.

Ready.gov also suggests preparing an emergency plan which consists of various evacuation routes, an emergency supply kit, a family communications plan and steps to weatherize your home before vacating. We suggest practicing evacuation routes with your community residents. Ensure evacuation and hazard signage is posted in accessible areas and host a bi-annual evacuation/safety drill. This can also prevent injury from other unfortunate property disasters caused by fire and smoke emergencies.

It’s also important to remind residents to keep important documents like insurance policies, drivers licenses, birth certificates and medicines readily available in an easy to grab location in case of an emergency. We suggest using a fireproof and waterproof lockbox that can easily be carried for mobility.

For a complete list of hurricane supplies, evacuation zones and emergency preparedness information, visit Ready.gov/hurricanes

At Tri State, it’s our priority to keep you safe. If you experience a property loss due to an emergency like a hurricane, give us a call. We’re here 24/7 to help you with Turning Disaster into Peace of Mind® – Even during a hurricane!

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