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Lower Your Firm’s Loss Ratio with Tri State

How Our Fast Response Times Help Prevent Unnecessary Secondary Damages; Keeping Costs Low for Our Mutual Clients


How do you keep your agency’s loss ratio in check, even when hit by a large loss? When mitigation and remediation is properly handled by Tri State Restorations we can potentially reduce the amount of a claim simply by responding more quickly to the scene than an assigned adjuster or preferred provider sent directly from the carrier. By getting onsite within hours of an incident, our team is able to put a stop on water migration and stabilize a property’s environment. By taking swift and appropriate action to halt damages in their place, Tri State can help drastically reduce the amount of a claim, from mitigation to reconstruction efforts, you’ll put less back because more is able to be salvaged!

So, why listen to the carrier’s representative and wait several days to more than a week at times to take action on property damages? This misnomer ultimately causes unnecessary secondary damages that could have been prevented. What’s worse, policies often limit coverage for these damages, adding avoidable risk for the insured and possible coverage issues due to structural damages, mold and microbial growth, and more. Facing this delay hurts your bottom line, and your customer retention efforts.

Getting a professional like Tri State Restorations onsite as quickly as possible opens the possibility to better outcomes for all! A lower loss ratio = more money for your agency, more money in your customer’s pockets and a better overall rating for your firm.

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