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Once you’ve killed mold, removal is optional.


Mold allergens can become airborne even when mold is dead. Mold Remediation Experts like Tri State Restorations specialize in mold removal.

You can kill mold using household bleach.


It is unclear if bleach kills all kinds of mold on all surfaces. While better on nonporous surfaces, its effectiveness on porous surfaces like wood is questionable.

A little bit of mold doesn't indicate a problem.


A tiny dot of mold could indicate mold under tiles, behind walls, or worse. Use a certified mold inspector to determine the extent of your mold issue.

Mold can easily be identified by sight alone.


Mold grows in hard to see locations. The only sure fire way to detect & identify mold and mold types is by professional inspections and the use of a microscope.


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