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Meet Adan Trejo!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

TSR's new DMV area business development representative, Adan Trejo, brings a lot of experience and industry knowledge to our team. His main goal is to help you and your company stay successful by making the most out of TSR's programs and services. Watch his introduction video » If you haven't heard from or met him yet, give him a call! Adan is currently setting up in-person and virtual meet-and-greets with our commercial, plumber and insurance professional clients and would love to bring you a free breakfast or lunch to connect with you!

“An important aspect of our business is the relationships we develop with our customers. They are built on trust, credibility and dependability. You can always count on TSR to provide the best customer service experience possible.”  - Mark A. Wilson 

Set Up Your Meeting with Adan Today!

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