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Tri State Provides Water Extraction and Mitigation Services for H Street Washington DC Office Space

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Tri State was called out to a Washington D.C. commercial office space to assist with water intrusion and flooding damages from a recent heavy rainfall.

The entire back area of the downstairs H street office was affected with residual water flowing into the hallway and back room.

Tri State arrived to perform water extraction and mitigation services. Once onsite, a moisture assessment was performed which included hygrometer readings and FLIR inspections. Standing water in the storage room was extracted from the tile flooring, disinfected with antimicrobial, mopped and cleaned.

Water and intruding outside materials were extracted from the concrete flooring and steps, disinfected, mopped and cleaned as well.

Technicians set up a dehumidifier, two air movers and one vapor shark to enhance effective drying and air purification.

Learn more about Tri State Restorations, LLC at or call 866-818-1949 to schedule an appointment today!


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