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Property Fires Are Most Common in Winter; Do You Know What to do When an Unexpected Fire Occurs?

🔥🏠 Property fires during during the colder winter months are much more prevalent. Heating and holiday decorations, winter storms and candles are all top contributing factors. Do you know what to do when an unexpected fire occurs?

Property Fires

1. Contact the local fire department to stop the ongoing burning and smoldering and inspect for structural damages. 🧯🧑‍🚒 🚒


2. Contact a certified mitigation company like Tri State Restorations, LLC (866-818-1949) to help with tarp and/or board up needs, and begin the mitigation process to affectively remove hazardous materials, clean and prevent secondary damages, and help improve your indoor air quality. ✨🧹✨


You have a responsibility to properly mitigate damages. Not just structural damages, part of the process is the removal of hazardous soot and odor that can not only cause serious health issues, but also contribute to preventable secondary damages.

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