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Property Maintenance – Fall Edition!

Winterizing your property can not only protect it from damages that commonly occur during the spring thaw, it can also keep you safe from the unapologetic elements of cold weather. Prepare your property properly, and reap the rewards of having peace of mind that you and your occupants are safe this holiday season.

Prepare your property for winter’s colder weather with these tips!

🎃 Fall Property Maintenance Tips 🍁 

Prepare your property for winter’s colder weather with these tips! 

🍂 Clear gutters and downspouts, removing any debris or leaves to help avoid winter ice dams; remove ice dams when they form to prevent damages and water intrusions. 

🌳 Trim trees and foliage, ensure that grading around your property is properly diverting water away from the dwelling.

⛲💦 Drain and winterize exterior plumbing, hose bib & sprinkler systems.

🔥 Test and replace smoke and CO2 detector batteries on daylight savings day, you’ll get an extra hour in your day to complete this task!

🌡️Cut power to your AC unit compressor and have your HVAC system properly winterized by a professional. Clean A/C drain lines and clear any debris while the system is not operating. Check for leaks and/or cracks in the line, get this fixed by a professional before warmer weather heads our way in the spring.

🕵️ Inspect your foundation and any retaining walls, look for cracks and repair any damages prior to the first frost.

🧹 Clean and organize your shed or garage – A Tidy Home = A Tidy Mind

🍔Store or cover your outdoor grill and winterize and store outdoor furniture.

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