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Protect Your Property from Hidden Spring Disasters

Spring has sprung! While the sunshine will finally bring us warm weather, it will also bring thunderstorms & rain, creating the prime conditions for water damage, bacterial growth and mold.

Did you know that mold is everywhere and has over 100,000 different types!? Mold can grow on many different surfaces and is especially hearty on organic building materials like wood and drywall.

But, it’s not all bad news, Tri State is here to help! Following proper water mitigation standards after a leak or flood is crucial to help prevent these unwanted disasters. If you suspect water damage, mold growth, or any other property hazard, give us a call on our emergency services line: 866-818-1949. Our IICRC certified technicians and state of the art equipment are at your disposal 24/7. Call us to schedule your springtime maintenance inspection today and we’ll help mitigate any unforeseen damages you might be facing.

Check out our article on Springtime Hazards in the March issue of WMCCAI’s Quorum Magazine or, download our guide to Avoid the Hidden Dangers of Springtime for more valuable information »

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