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Protecting Your Property & Wallet from Insurance Carriers that Undervalue Damage Repairs (Part 3/3)

This 3-Part article is designed to assist home and property owners through the often painstaking process of settling their insurance claim. Throughout 2021, we’ve noticed an unfortunate trend where certain insurance carriers are consistently undervaluing their clients damage repairs and it’s negatively affecting YOU, our clientele. Learn more about how to protect yourself and your property from this new type of disaster by reading below. View Part 1 » View Part 2 »


PART 3: How do you advocate for yourself as a property owner to ensure your loss is covered?


Read and understand your property insurance policy. That answer may sound simple, but it’s much more complicated than that.


After polling over 300 Washington D.C. metro area insurance agents and adjusters on how to best serve their clients, Tri State Restorations received one consistent piece of advice: make sure homeowners are reading and comprehending their policy (annually!) AND know their coverage limits. Scheduling an annual appointment with your insurance agent to review your policy at the time of renewal not only helps you to understand what’s covered and what isn’t, it allows you to see what’s changed and ask questions about what to look out for when disaster strikes.


The bottom line: Homeowners that are already dealing with the stress and hardship of a property disaster are being unfairly compensated by their insurance carrier for the costs associated with repairing and mitigating their property’s damages at sometimes pennies on the dollar.

Help us stop these insurance carriers from bullying responsible homeowners out of the services they need and deserve. Our clients did what they were supposed to do during an emergency – they took immediate action, hired a local, certified and reputable emergency disaster firm to properly mitigate their loss and restore their property to its former pre-loss conditions. They deserve to be fairly compensated.


You are allowed to choose who you want to hire and have in your home. It is your insurance company’s responsibility to pay a reasonable and fair claim settlement to you for these services. Don’t get left footing the bill due to their negligence!


If you are experiencing difficulties with your claim and feel this article has brought to light serious concerns in your own claim here are a couple of resources for you.

In recent experiences with certain national insurance companies, the claims adjuster no longer cares about bedside manner towards their customer, or – about providing fair compensation to them for services they were required to enlist… View Part 1 » View Part 2 »

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