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The Newest Cyber Threats You Could Face

Electronic wearables like fitbits and Apple Watch are among some of the newest cyber threats you and your clients could now face. Here is a list of the top 5 newest cyber threats to be aware of:

  1. Electronic Wearables. Most wearable devices store a relatively small amount of personal information, yet wearable platforms could be targeted by cyber criminals working to compromise the smartphones used to manage them. 

Companies will continue to improve their security postures, implement the latest security technologies, work to hire talented and experienced people, create effective policies, and remain vigilant. Thus, attackers are likely to shift their focus and increasingly attack enterprises through their employees, by targeting, among other things, employees’ relatively insecure home systems to gain access to corporate networks.

  1. Cloud services. Cyber criminals could seek to exploit weak or ignored corporate security policies established to protect cloud services. Home to an increasing amount of business confidential information, such services, if exploited, could compromise organizational business strategy, company portfolio strategies, next-generation innovations, financials, and employee data.

  2. Vehicles. Security researchers will continue to focus on potential exploit scenarios for connected automobile systems that fail to meet best practice security policies. IT security vendors and automakers will develop guidance, standards and technical solutions to protect attack surfaces.

  3. Stolen Data. (Identity Theft) Stolen personally identifiable information sets are being linked together in big data warehouses, making the combined records more valuable to cyber attackers. The coming year will see the development of an even more robust dark market for stolen personally identifiable information and usernames and passwords.

  4. Integrity Hacks & Attacks. One of the most significant new attack vectors will be stealthy, selective compromises to the integrity of systems and data. These attacks involve seizing and modifying transactions or data in favor of the perpetrators, such as a malicious party changing the direct deposit settings for a victim’s paychecks and having money deposited into a different account.

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