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Tri State Provides Sewage Backup Mitigation Services for Multiple Units in Reston VA Condo Building

Tri State was recently called out to assist with mitigating a sewage backup that affected 4 units in a Reston, Va. multi-residential condo building.

The building’s property manager contacted us when she received reports of a main line backup in her building. Water had backed up around the base of a toilet and through the bathtub drains and completely flooded one of the four affected units. The other three affected units reported damages from category 3 water that had migrated into the living spaces.

Tri State promptly secured a large emergency response team and within hours arrived onsite to begin mitigation. Our team of IICRC certified technicians set up containment areas to prevent hazardous exposures and performed an inspection to determine the scope of work based on incurred damages within the 4 affected units. Because these units all had hardwood floors, we immediately got to work on extracting standing and residual water for all four units to prevent any unnecessary secondary damages and help preserve the existing floors. Last, we set up specialized equipment to facilitate the drying process, this included centrifugal and axial fans, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers, and for odor control, we used vapor sharks in all units.

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