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Tri State Provides Water Mitigation Services for Historic Washington D.C. Condo Building

Tri State was recently called on to help with the water mitigation and restoration efforts for 3-units in a historic NW Washington D.C. condo building.

Tri State worked with the building’s property manager to schedule an initial assessment of the unit in question. Upon arrival our team of IICRC certified technicians found that there was a high level of moisture present in one of the unit’s bathroom and kitchen. The unit’s walls, ceilings and floors were saturated and a plumber was called out to fix the underlying issue. The two units directly below the main affected unit were also reporting very high levels of moisture. Tri State technicians set up temporary containment barriers to limit exposure to unaffected rooms and removed unaffected property from the damaged areas while the property manager waited on the plumber’s arrival.

After the plumber finished his repairs, Tri State went to work removing the affected areas of all three units, including plaster walls, tile flooring and where necessary, partial ceiling removal. We then set several fans and dehumidifiers in each unit to begin the drying process. Once moisture readings came back within normal range, our team helped the building’s property manager obtain an estimate for reconstruction and repair.

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