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Tri State Provides Emergency Water Mitigation Services for Rockville MD Commercial Property

Tri State was recently called on to help with the water mitigation and restoration efforts of a large commercial property in Rockville, Md.

When we arrived, technicians quickly began getting to work. The downstairs bathroom had leaked, causing an enormous amount of water saturation in the downstairs lobby area and first floor office spaces. We extracted the water and set up specialized drying equipment (which you can see via the Matterport interactive model below).

For this job, we removed the vinyl cove base, or vinyl baseboards, to facilitate a non-cut and non-invasive drying method, ultimately protecting the office building’s walls from having to undergo reconstruction efforts. Behind the baseboard, small access holes were cut to allow direct air flow from multiple centrifugal air movers. We then moved existing property to unaffected areas and sprayed anti-microbial agents to prevent secondary damages from mold and bacterial growth during the drying process. Axial air movers/dryers and large commercial dehumidifiers were also placed to accelerate the drying process and remove as much moisture as possible from saturated areas.

Click play below to view an interactive Matterport 360 view of our services:

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