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Tri State Restorations Assists Local Multi-Family Complex with Water Damage Mitigation Services

Tri State Restorations was called on by a local area property manager to assist with water damage in the facility storage room of a large multi-family complex. When we arrived, technicians began with a moisture assessment including hygrometer readings of both affected and unaffected spaces to determine the best course of action for drying out the facility.

Then, we began to manipulate contents in the affected areas, moving salvageable items into an unaffected area. Next, our team worked to extract the standing water, disinfect the affected areas and dispose of any unsalvageable items. We then set up our equipment, including a vapor shark to remove airborne odor, several axial fans (air movers) and multiple dehumidifiers with HEPA filtration to continue removing moisture out of the air and saturated materials.

To learn more about Tri State’s water mitigation processes and steps that you can take to prevent unnecessary secondary damages, check out our recent Virtual Coffee Break webinar on water damage » View an archive of Virtual Coffee Break webinars at TriStateRestores.com/vcb

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