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Tri State Restorations, LLC Named Top Mold Remediation Firm in Germantown, Md.

GERMANTOWN, Maryland – Tri State Restorations, LLC® has been named one of the top mold remediation contractors by expertise.com. Tri State Restorations understands the hardships that homeowners and businesses can face when experiencing a mold disaster. We guarantee our work and stand by the traditional methods approved by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the EPA for successful mold remediation.

How to Properly Remove Mold, Mildew, Microbes and Bacteria from Your Property

Mold is an especially troublesome property hazard because it can produce hazardous toxins that spread through airborne spores. Once airborne, these microbial toxins pose serious health risks when inhaled by your property’s occupants, typically causing severe allergenic reactions and sometimes even death. Not only do your occupants become affected by these toxins, your property’s building materials also take a toll. Microbial growth consumes and feeds off of common building materials like wood and drywall, ultimately affecting your property’s structural integrity.

Tri State Restorations mold remediation technicians are the experts you need to eliminate these types of hazards in your property. Our technicians are IICRC certified remediators that work to eliminate the source of problematic molds, mildew and microbial growth like Chaetomium, Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Stachybotrys.

The Tri State Restorations Difference:

Tri State Restorations mold remediation team goes above and beyond with implementing industry recognized air quality safety measures to ensure your occupants are safe throughout the entire remediation process. Our technicians provide additional protections like temporary containment chambers that prevent the spread of airborne spores to unaffected areas and we also utilize high powered HEPA air filtration units that clean the affected air, improving air quality and removing residual airborne microbes throughout the remediation process. This helps ensure that your property remains inhabitable and the air you and your occupants are breathing is safe.

About Tri State Restorations, LLC® Tri State Restorations is a family-owned commercial and residential disaster recovery firm that serves customers in Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. We specialize in the mitigation, remediation, removal, cleanup, and restoration efforts of water, fire, biohazard, lead, and odor-caused property damage. Our team also assists with insurance mediation and claims processing. Give us a call and see why we’re known for Turning Disasters into Peace of Mind® for area property owners and community managers since 2007. Learn more at TriStateRestores.com.

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