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How Tri State Restorations is Keeping You Safe During Covid-19


​Our priority is to keep you and our workers safe, even in the face of Covid-19. As an essential business and industry leader, our technicians are on-call 24/7. Help for your disaster is only 90-minutes away. Tri State Restorations is one of only two existing US companies that currently hold the required pollution liability specialty insurance needed to safely disinfect

your property for covid-19 and other viral pathogens. This insurance policy also ensures that your disaster is handled safely and effectively during this pandemic. So, while everything else seems to be shutting down, rest assured, we are open and prepared to help you with any emergency.


First and foremost, We want our clients to feel safe and confident in our services during these uncertain times. Our key focus is on the safety and well-being of our clients and our employees. We are aware of the exposure concerns towards the at-risk community with regards to a business entering your home or facility at this time. Because we adhere to the strict Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) safety standards and diligently enforces a company-wide culture of safety, you can rest assured that we are prepared to keep you, your workers and your family out of harm.

  • Prior to entering your home or facility we will address any and all safety concerns and run through our on-site procedures so you know what to expect.
  • Only workers who are healthy and do not show any signs of sickness or fever are permitted to work.
  • Workers arrive for on-site in appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including, but not limited to, booties, N-95 or full-face respirators and gloves.
  • Upon arrival, workers will lay down plastic protective sheeting, tack mats, and paper on all high traffic floors and apply plastic poly sheeting barriers of separation between the affected or damaged areas and non-damaged areas to avoid cross contamination.
  • Sanitation of tools and equipment under negative pressure will take place after each use at our facility to ensure we are bringing clean supplies, tools and equipment into your residence or building. The use of sanitized small tools and equipment is required to reduce cross contamination of infectious contaminates.
  • Multiple stage filters will be changed in all air filtration devices and dehumidifiers.
  • Our ‘white glove’ service ensures that proper cleaning and disinfecting measures will be used on all damaged areas.
  • Our Hygiena ATP surface testers will be used periodically while workers are on-site to measure the amount of bacteria and contaminants present, ensuring all surfaces have been effectively cleaned.


Our team has been working diligently and methodically, navigating the constant day to day changes in our current environment to develop an effective plan of action to help those who continue to be challenged by Covid-19, either directly or indirectly.

Training is paramount to deliver the exceptional service and knowledge that we are known for to the community. Our goal is to bring awareness and proven solutions to you in these uncertain times that’s why we’re prepared for any environmental disaster. View Tri State’s complete list of certifications.

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