Don’t hire a professional without the proper coverage. We’re one of the few U.S. companies that currently hold the required pollution liability specialty insurance needed to handle your property’s coronavirus (Covid-19) cleanup and disinfection.

We carry the following elements needed by a company to ensure the proper disinfection & cleaning of both commercial & residential properties:

  •  In-depth written covid-19 protocol in place.

  • Completion of all required Covid-19 Training.

  • Service contracts specifically for Covid-19/Viruses

  • Covid-19/Virus Insurance Policy

  • Nearly all the companies offering Covid-19 cleaning do not have the protocols, training or insurance required to properly decontaminate your property and are only able to provide general surface cleaning.


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Coronavirus Disinfection & Biohazard Cleaning Services

Does your essential business need to remain operational? Or, perhaps you’re looking to prepare your facility to re-open after the COVID-19 pandemic? We’re here to help! 


Tri State Restorations is one of only a few US companies that currently hold the required pollution liability specialty insurance needed to perform coronavirus disinfection and deep cleaning services. 


Our decontamination and biohazard cleanup services ensure the safety of you and your workers during this national crisis. Our specialty technicians are certified in viral, microbial and blood-borne pathogen removal and cleanup – including the new novel virus COVID-19. Tri State workers use the latest technologies along with NIOSH and OSHA approved disinfectant application procedures and EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant products approved for use with emerging viral pathogens and human coronavirus SARS-COV-19.

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind in these trying times. Our workers arrive in appropriate PPE including, but not limited to, booties, N-95 or full-face respirators and gloves, use specialty equipment to deep clean and disinfect all interior surfaces of your facility or home and utilize Hygiena ATP surface testers to measure the amount of bacteria and contaminants present, ensuring all surfaces have been effectively cleaned.

Together, we can stop the spread of coronavirus and prevent future outbreaks. 

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