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Tri State Restorations Called On to Mitigate Water Damages at Local High School

Earlier this week, Tri State Restorations was called on to assist with a large water loss at Marriotts Ridge, a public secondary school located in Marriottsville, Maryland.

Facility managers reported that an HVAC coupling had malfunctioned overnight causing 6+ hours of water drainage to migrate into the southwest corridor of the school. The resulting flooding required immediate water extraction services to prevent further migration and secondary damages caused by mold and microbial growth.

On arrival, our IICRC Certified water restoration technicians performed a thorough moisture assessment and inspection, carefully documenting each affected room’s dimensions, building materials, moisture readings and relative humidity. Our initial findings indicated that approx. 10,000 sq ft of the school’s facilities had sustained water damages. Saturated areas included the theater closet, concession stand, women’s locker room, westside hallways, a dance studio, lower pool and main auditorium.

After the initial water extraction was completed, the TSR team began cleaning and spraying with antimicrobial. We then removed and disposed of debris and non salvageable materials like ceiling tiles, drywall, base coves, carpet and wood flooring. Over 100 pieces of specialty drying equipment was then set up in affected areas to facilitate a successful and quick dry out.

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