Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup

When a building is contaminated with sewage backing up from the septic lines or flooding of a building occurs that involves sewage or a heavy load of organic matter, as in the case of river flooding, a serious threat to human health exists. Sewage cleanup is essential in these scenarios to mitigate this significant problem.

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Without appropriate action and sewage cleanup, extensive damage to materials will occur immediately and over time. Several days may elapse before the cause of the sewage backup is determined, the problem is corrected, and flooding subsides. This delay in sewage mitigation allows extensive permeation and contamination of absorbent materials such as wood, gypsum, paper, and concrete to occur.

This penetration with water and organic matter leads to the growth of potentially disease causing microorganisms. These organisms may pose a serious health risk to occupants of the building. Organic matter and water-saturated materials can be used as substrate for the growth of microorganisms (such as gram-negative bacteria and toxigenic fungi) that can produce substances toxic to humans and damaging to materials. A large amount of water inside a building will cause high humidity, which can also contribute to microbial growth on structural materials and contents.

Sewage backup and cleanup is a serious matter and must be handled by an expert knowledgeable in all applicable regulations so that the damage does not create extensive problems. At Tri State Restorations, we have the experience to safely handle sewage damage. Give us a call for more information on our sewage mitigation services.

Though not recommended, if you are planning to deal with the sewage damage on your own, please follow the proper sewage cleanup procedures.

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Why Professional Sewage Damage Cleanup is Necessary

Domestic sewage contains billions of microorganisms that pave the way in the degradation process and cause allergenic, infectious, toxic response, and disease. Failure to clean and replace the areas affected by a sewage backup can result in the growth and spread of harmful bacteria that can threaten the health of your family members. Extensive sewage damage requires the necessary sewage cleanup tools and equipment to make sure the contaminants are removed correctly.

At Tri State Restorations we have the sewage mitigation training, experience, and equipment to safely and quickly help you recover from your sewage damage event—making your home safe to inhabit as soon as possible. We even direct the insurance company directly, saving you headache and hassle in an already stressful time.

More Information About Sewage

Sewage is the waste and waste water produced primarily by residential end points and then discharged into sewers. There are 3 types of sewage:

  1. Domestic sewage
  2. Industrial sewage
  3. Sewage from a non-point source such as ground and surface water

Although all forms of waste and waste water carry different risks, all three have potentially serious health risks and should be removed by certified sewage cleanup professionals.